Polearm Letter Changers


Our pole changers provide extended reach for changing acrylic letters on elevated signs. Each is made of light-weight aluminum for easy, sturdy use.
  • We sell changers in three standard lengths (12'/16'/18'). This means that a 16' pole changer will provide up to 16' more reach.
  • The angle of the cup assembly can easily be changed.
  • To change a letter, simply press the suction cup firmly to the letter's surface. To release, twist the pole clockwise and the seal will break.
  • All changers come standard with a 3 1/2" suction cup

In addition to our standard pole changers, we also sell additional changer items (See Pictures Below):
  • 7" suction cups for changing large letters
  • Cam adjusters for poles
  • Double-cup assemblies (uses two 3 1/2" cups)
3 1/2" & 7" Suction Cups
Double Cup Assembly
Cam Adjuster
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