Coroplast Interchangeable Letters


One of the newest and most popular forms of advertising is the use of coroplast letters. They are printed on white corrugated plastic and end up having a black background, typically for use on black mobile signs. (see one here!) The lettering can be either fluorescent or non-fluorescent, and can come in a variety of colours.
Coroplast letters made here at Davies Screen Printing are of the highest calibre. Unlike acrylic letter production, there are a few more aspects to consider in the production of coroplast letters.

We claim to offer an industry-leading product, and we'll tell you why we think our letters are superior. For information on how to recognize a quality coroplast letter, click here.

Coroplast letters come in two industry standard sizes (see pictures to the right):
  • 10 1/2" Regular letters
  • 21 3/16" Double-sized letters

Letters can be ordered in custom numbers, or by a set (font). Click here to download our coroplast font list. (requires Acrobat Reader)

Our most commonly sold colors are white, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink, but we print a number of additional colors as well. Click here to download an order form for coroplast letters.

If you have questions regarding our product, you can contact us here.

10 1/2" Letters
21 3/16" Letters

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